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  • Creep 2 & 14 Cameras

    Our theme this episode is "Sequels" and we saw two films that were sequels of films we have already reviewed on the podcast: "Creep 2" (2017) and "14 Cameras" (2018). Spoilers start around 8:15.

  • The Endless & Pyewacket

    Our theme for this episode is "Unseen Forces" with the 2017 films The Endless and Pyewacket. Spoilers start around 04:00

  • Rare Exports & Mother Krampus

    Get ready for some holiday horror!! In this episode we review the Finnish film Rare Exports (2010) and pair it with the film Mother Krampus (2017). Both are currently available on Hulu and Amazon. Spoilers start around 6:26.

  • The Body and Flesh and Blood

    In this episode we look at the first two installments of Hulu's monthly horror anthology series Into the Dark: The Body and Flesh and Blood. Spoilers start around 08:00.

  • Gingersnaps and They

    This double feature looks at two films from the early 2000s that both feature young women: Gingersnaps (2000) and They (2002). Spoilers start around 7:40

  • Goosebumps and Halloweentown

    In this special Halloween edition of the podcast, we take a look at the family-friendly films Goosebumps (2005) and Halloweentown (1998). Spoilers start around 7:20.

  • Hereditary and The Invitation

    This week's double feature has potentially two themes: Initial theme - family legacy; theme after watching - creepy murder cults. Our reviews of the 2018 film Hereditary, which we paired with 2015 film The Invitation. Spoilers start around minute 8.

  • The Void and 13 Cameras

    This week we watched two films currently available via streaming, the The Void and 13 Cameras aka Slumlord

  • It Follows and Creep

    Our inaugural episode looks at two films currently available via streaming, the 2014 films It Follows and Creep. Both films explore the hidden side of horror and make you afraid of things that you can't see.