• Candyman & Mercy Black

    Our theme for this episode: Viral Horror!! Candyman (1992) and Mercy Black (2019) both deal with horror stories told as urban legends, which may or may not be true. Check out our review and let us know what you think. Spoilers start around 8:10 To read more about the original Clive Barker story, upon which Candyman is based, check out Andrew's book blog "Tales from the Bookworm's Lair" at https://bibliorex.wordpress.com/ and search for "Candyman"

  • 31 & Terrifier

    Creepy Clowns!!!! What an amazing theme for horror!! For this episode we watched the 2016 films "31" and "Terrifier". Both films set on halloween, and both films have some amazingly creepy murder clowns!! Spoilers start around 7:10

  • Suspiria

    The theme of this episode is "Suspiria" or it could be "Homage" or it could be "Creepy Evil Dancing Witches." No matter the theme, this time we watched the 1977 version of Dario Argento's Suspiria alongside the 2018 version. Spoilers start around 5:50

  • The Lords of Salem & Green Room

    Rock and Roll Horror is the theme for this episode. We watched two very different but very good films: "The Lords of Salem" (2012) and "Green Room" (2015) Spoilers Start around 8:55.

  • Patchwork & They’re Watching

    Our theme for this episode: Comedy Horror!! We watched Patchwork (2015) and They're Watching (2016), two comedy horror movies currently streaming on Netflix. Spoilers start around 5:35.

  • Them & The Strangers

    This episode's theme: Home Invasions!!! Join us as we discuss the 2006 French-Romanian film "Them" and the 2008 film "The Strangers". Spoilers start around 3:45

  • Children of the Corn & The Hills have Eyes

    Following our theme of classic horror films, this episode we look at two films with murderous cults: Children of the Corn (1984) and The Hills have Eyes (1977). (Alternative theme: Car breakdowns gone horribly wrong.) Spoilers start around 5:12

  • Friday the 13th & Nightmare on Elmstreet

    This week we take a look at two classic slasher films from the 80s: Friday the 13th (1980) and Nightmare on Elmstreet (1984). Believe it or not, Elizabeth had never seen them. Spoilers start around 5:45.

  • Creep 2 & 14 Cameras

    Our theme this episode is "Sequels" and we saw two films that were sequels of films we have already reviewed on the podcast: "Creep 2" (2017) and "14 Cameras" (2018). Spoilers start around 8:15.

  • The Endless & Pyewacket

    Our theme for this episode is "Unseen Forces" with the 2017 films The Endless and Pyewacket. Spoilers start around 04:00