• The Wicker Man & Midsommar

    Folk Horror is the general theme for this episode which pairs the 1973 The Wicker Man with the 2019 Midsommar. Spoilers Start around 4:10

  • Alien & Event Horizon

    What's better than a normal horror movie? A horror movie set in outer space!! Check out our reviews of this double feature with Alien (1979) and Event Horizon (1997). Spoilers start around 12 minutes in.

  • Goosebumps 2 & The House with the Clock in its Walls

    For this episode you can pick from three themes: 1) Jack Black Movies; 2) Family Friendly Horror; 3) Film versions of YA Novels. Check out our reviews of two films from 2018 "Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween" and "The House with a Clock in its Walls" Spoilers start about 5 min in.

  • 2019 Year in Review

    After a bit of a hiatus and a year of horror double features, we take a look back at the past year and offer our top 10 and bottom 5 films of the year. This whole episode is nothing but spoilers - sorry.

  • The Innocents & Kuntilanak

    Do you like horror films with children? What about children threatened by ghosts and demons? Check out our review of two very different films: The Innocent (1961) and Kuntilanak (2006).

  • Culture Shock & School Spirit

    Get ready for some summer horror with the two latest films in Hulu's 2019 anthology series "Into the Dark": Culture Shock and School Spirit. Spoilers start around 4:00.

  • The Awakening & Malevolent

    Our theme for this week: Hauntings? Both films look at purportedly haunted houses, that may or may not be haunted: The Awakening (2011) and Malevolent (2018). Spoilers Start around 5:00.

  • Friday the 13th: Part 2 & A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge

    In case you couldn't guess, our theme this week is 80s iconic sequels. We watched the sequels to Friday the 13th (1981) and A Nightmare on Elm Street (1985) Spoilers Start around 5:00

  • The Witch & The Love Witch

    Wouldst thou like to live deliciously? Our theme: Witches (As if that wasn't obvious from the titles of the films.) For this episode we looked at two recent films that look at witches in very different ways: The Witch (aka The VVitch) from 2015 and The Love Witch from 2016. Both films are available streaming. Spoilers start around 8:33

  • The Church & The Sentinel

    Demons and Demonic Possession!! That's our theme for this episode, where we discuss Michele Soavi's The Church (1989) and The Sentinel (1977) based on Jeffrey Konvitz's novel of the same name. Spoilers start around 06:18